Nearly 30 years ago, a group of boys started classes at various schools around south central Pa. These were your average kids, into sports and games and fun. One group in particular, three boys from Littlestown, became quite close knit and after separating for a brief stint for college and military lives, they reunited in Hanover, where their friendships rekindled.

In 2000, they found themselves reunited by an old farmhouse settled in the valley. The days at the farm brought back memories of the past and they were excited to be creating new ones. It was that great group that swore they would never let life come between them again. They heard all the stories about working, getting married, having kids, growing old, and never having time for friends. This was something that they were determined to change.

These brothers – not by blood, but by friendship – formed their own club, what they’ve come to call BOPS or the Brotherhood of Pumping Station, named for the road they lived on. A joke at first, the name came to be used to the point where it stuck and eventually became permanent.

Since the millennium, the group has grown from four founding fathers to a total of 37 men, all friends, most now married, some with children, but all still committed to the cause. On April 17, 2001 the guys created a structure of rules, a logo, a Web site and joined a local bank. The brothers remain involved in many activities around the Hanover area, from volleyball and dart leagues to the annual Hanover Chili Cook-off. They do fundraisers to support their sporting habits and to support the community at large.

Today, the BOPS name and logo can be seen all over the community on race cars, in newspapers, at the YMCA and on the back of many members’ cars. The group’s goal: to one day own a Social Club and Sports Complex called BOPS -- an official place for activities to be held and members and their families to relax and enjoy the companionship of friends.